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Q: Why should I choose Nartker & Christensen over all the other brokerages out there?
A: At Nartker & Christensen the difference is in the service. Although we pride ourselves on working with premier insurance companies that offer great rates, the brokers at Nartker & Christensen will amaze you with their availability, their responsiveness, their attention to detail, their overall knowledge of the industry, and their ability to relate to you the customer.

Q: Are quotes available immediately?
A: Yes. In most cases we can have quotes to you within 24 hours of receiving your information. Depending on the type of work done and size of your company we may need more time to produce the most competitive products.

Q: What if I have had claims in the past?
A: Each case will be looked at individually, but depending on the frequency and severity of your claims, you may still qualify for our specialty markets.

Q: How many companies do you work with?
A: Nartker & Christensen has access to a large number of insurance companies to shop your insurance with. We work for you the insured, not one specific insurance company.

Q: I have tools that I want insured; can you cover those as well?
A: Yes. In most cases we can offer a package policy to combine your general liability and equipment on the same policy, along with your commercial auto and any property that you may need covered.

Q: What do you have available for financing options?
A: We have the ability to offer several reasonable payment plans with varying down payment amounts.

Q: What other types of insurance do you write?
A: We offer most products needed by contractors (including general liability, workers compensation, equipment, auto, bonds, etc). We also have access to a large number of Business Owner Policies needed by hotels, service centers and other businesses.